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A pool fence installed on sand or concrete . Your decision 

One of the most used , convenient and elegant swimming pool decks are Travertine/marble tiles mounted over sand .

While this deck may hold the pool fence in place for years it depends on many facts such as how compact the underlayer of sand is , how often are you planning to remove and install the safety pool fence even factoring in wind locations or big dogs jumping on the pool fence can affect it ,

We can make it right from the beginning or even fix an already installed safety pool fence 

If you see the poles of the pool fence leaning toward the pool also the top of the pool fence mesh saggy and no tension on the pool safety latches then sand underneath probably get loosened.

Contact us , for sure we can help 

                    SUPERVISION by adults in and out of the house is paramount.

                            Always know where your children are.  

                              Around water, stay close while maintaining constant eye contact and never leave a child unattended even for a second.


​ Never assume someone else is watching your child.


                            There is no greater place than the family pool. Water holds endless fascination for toddlers, you must take every precaution to prevent your child from entering the pool without you.


                            Capabilities of toddlers change daily. Today they sit, tomorrow they crawl.

                            Toddlers can slip through an unlocked door in the time it takes to answer the phone.


                            LAYERS OF PROTECTION


                            With 46 percent of the children LAST SEEN IN THE HOUSE and 23 percent last seen in the yard, porch or patio, supervision is always your primary layer of protection. But as the study shows, 69 percent of all drowning incidents occurred when parental supervision failed and there were no “ backup layers” in use.


                                » Equip all access doors to the pool area with high locks and alarms as secondary layers of protection.


                                » A Kids Pool Fence separating the pool from your home and all access doors and entrances is one more layer of protection.


                                » Also, check with your Pediatrician when swimming lessons are right for your child. CPR training and your knowledge of rescue techniques would be a final layer of protection should there ever be an accident.


                                » The goal, with instituted layers of protection, is to come as close to a fail safe system of preventing drowning incidents as possible. Meaning that if there is a momentary lapse of supervision for whatever reason, have several backup systems in place. All must fail before a drowning can take place.



                                            SUPERVISION CAN AND DOES FAIL

          A SAFETY POOL FENCE leading to the pool or any body of water PREVENTS ACCIDENTS!

                                  Our see through mesh type fence should completely surround the pool, with a minimum height of 48 inches. important in separating one's home and all of it's exits from the pool.

                                When not in use maintain and lock the pool safety fence gate.


        This safety pool fencing is especially designated to protect childs . Our removable pool fence and self closing gate will give you peace of mind but for your convenience you will be able to remove the safety pool fence anytime is not needed 

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or pool fence , pool gate prices ​

Do I need a safety pool barrier ?

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A swimming pool without a deck 

we can install the pool fence using  concrete supports , yes this will be approved for inspection 

pool fence on concrete supports.jpeg
how to Pool fence on concrete supports.jpeg
Self Closing Gate
Self Closing Gate .. By request only
Black self closing gate
20130218_161813_Gulf Rd
Black self closing gate

Our gate is made from a strong welded aluminum frame which is  powder coated to ensure a lasting finish that will provide years of maintenance free use.


Hinges and latch are not connected ​to the poles fence instead we use a double square pole on each side to support the system 

​​Magna Latch

For years Magna Latch has been the leader in magnetic latching systems. It’s for this reason that we chose them to be the exclusive provider of our latches and hinges.


The Magna Latch Tru-Close self-closing and adjustable hinge, allows the gate to close when released. 

Please notice the Selfclosing gate is not         included and  only added by request 

Self closing gate video
Pool fence self closing gate

Pool fence self closing gate

Safety nets
Safety pool nets , another great way to enclosure your pool  
Swimming Pool Safety Nets in the US to be Nationally Listed to conform to ASTM F1346-91
Safe Pool Net ,How do they work?

Very simply.  When in place, a Safe Pool Net is stretched tight enough across a pool to suspend a baby above the water.  When it comes time to remove it, the Central Tensioning System enables you to release the tension from the net before unhooking the anchors, allowing a quick and easy removal.  This is also true for putting it back on – the net is replaced while it is loose, then pull in the tension ropes from the edge of your pool to re-set the tension.  On a standard 15 x 30 pool, the average user takes about 5 minutes to completely remove the net and about 10 minutes to replace it (including the re-tensioning).  An experienced user takes about 2 minutes off and 5 minutes on.